Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Just Lil Ole Me

checking in. It's been a crazy couple of weeks since I got home from Tucson. First, Nicole took Bailey and went to visit her baby daddy (yes, the one that put her in the hospital) in Orlando. I was so upset I wanted to put Nicole back in the hospital! A mental hospital! Anyway, a little over a week later she is back home. I got to see her and the baby for a few minutes this afternoon and they are coming over in a bit.

Brandon has decided to move out and in with a friend. He got let go from his job because he called off too much. I don't think he is going to school much and he lays around home basically doing nothing other than his girlfriend. So today he decided that he needed to be able to watch tv in his own bedroom, packed up his stuff and left. I am hoping this will help him grow up and see how hard it is to live on your own. And at 18, with no job and no education. I will miss him but not his messes.

Dave, Brent and I had an awesome weekend for different reasons. I spent Saturday deep cleaning the kitchen. Dave took Brent to the Flea Market where they exchanged a pair of sandles for me and watched a cooking show. Then they put flyers on cars for the pizza place Dave delivers for. Brent brought home pizza and calzone and $10 for helping put the flyers up. He was very pleased. Sunday morning we dropped Brent off at church and we went hunting for a bookcase. First we stopped at Goodwill and I used all my will power to pass up all the alluring stuff to head to the back of the store to see if they had any bookshelves and they didn't. We left there and headed to Beall's since I needed a new pair of tennis shoes. I couldn't find any in my size. Strike two. So, we went to old faithful Wally World and I found my tennis shoes for a whopping $11.00 and two nice tall, five shelf bookcases for $29.00 each. Shopping made us hungry so we went to a little restaurant in a strip mall and guess who was sitting at the next table? Yes, Donna freaking Summer! She was so nice and gracious and even waited in line for the bathroom. I guess she owns a condo here in Naples and dines at this little cafe a couple of time a winter. COOL, huh?

Well, after our exciting breakfast we went back to Goodwill so I could browse. I got a lamp, a few clothes and a cute black and white purse. Dave put together the bookshelves when we got home and I loaded them up.

And yes, I have a LOT of books.

So, now I am waiting for Nicole and Bailey to arrive. I am sure I will have new pics of her.

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