Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Saturday in Tucson, AZ

I am spending a week in Tucson Arizona with my best buddy Wendy. I arrived on Thursday and we went to two bead shows. You can certainly tell the economy has affected the crafting community. The show that was our favorite had about 1/3 the amount of booths as last year. Friday we went to two more bead shows and again they were disappointing. I did purchase four kits and they were a good value. I play to work on one of them tomorrow so hopefully they will have good instructions.

Today we went to the Rennaisance Fair in Apache Junction, AZ. Here is the link to see all the amazing things you can do at a Ren Fair. We had such a great time, we saw lots of great shows and had some really good food. We spent the whole day there and the weather was fabulous.

Tomorrow we plan to chill at the house. It is supposed to rain and get cold so we are planning to bead and enjoy the day at home. I am here until Saturday morning so I will be checking back in soon.


Leslie said...

My son lives in Tucson and I lived in Phoenix for 13 years. Sometimes I miss that area, especally in the winter !
Have fun beading today and stay warm. That sounds funny to say about Tucson. But, my son has complained about the cold that a lot lately.
Hugs~~ Leslie

♥georgie♥ said...

My uncle lives in Sierra Vista-Az is such a pretty state I cant wait till we head back there this summer...

we have a local ren fest that is so much fun!