Sunday, May 9, 2010

Sunday Scrappin' Post 2

My first post was getting long so I decided to split my Sunday Scrappin' post into two. This post features the scrapbook layouts that I made this week to sell. They are simple but effective scrapbook layouts that I really like but don't have any use for. I am going to sell them for $7.99 for a two page layout.

The first layout is for a water park visit. Title is Take The Plunge.
Second layout is a beach layout. Lumpy, bumpy embellishments on this one.
Cruisin' is the third layout.
The fourth layout is a dog themed layout.
Fifth layout is a bright, cheery birthday layout.
Another birthday layout with more subdued colors.
Hope you like what I created. Each layout took less than a hour to complete.

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1 comment:

Melanie said...

They are gorgeous Christine, I hope they are sold as they are beautiful.