Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The First Day of December

I can hardly believe that December is here already. I have three more classes - two this week and one next. Two in class tests, one on line test and our big project in Statistics. I have an Accounting test tonight which I have studied for and will study for more today. I need to do well on this test.

I am all decorated inside for Christmas. And most of the outside is done. We want to put up some lights and that will probably get done this week.

I have two big projects for the month of December - one is to get my storage unit emptied. Dave just left to take a load over to his warehouse. This project needs to be done by December 12th so I don't have to pay another month's storage fee. The other project is my office/craft area. I want to get it straightened and organized. I have about three times more stuff than will fit in that area so I need to be ruthless when it comes to getting rid of stuff that I know I will never use.

I have been working on my Holidays in Hand project but haven't posted anything yet. I have a couple of pictures on my camera that I need to download and add to one page but my camera cord has gone missing once again. Drives me crazy since I am not sure if Brent borrowed it or if I misplaced it.

Hats off to good neighbors. Our neighbor, who is also named Dave, mowed our lawn yesterday since Dave has his arm bandaged. How awesome is that? Thanks Dave!

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