Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Made a Large Rug and Brent's Bedroom Clean Up

Brent got two cool, fluffy, red rugs for Christmas. They are bathroom rugs but they will work just fine in his bedroom but they were too small (they were different sizes). So, off to Target Boo and I went and bought three more rugs in the smaller size, come home and taped them together.
And voila, a nice large rug for in front of his bed. He hasn't seen it yet but I think he will like it.
I have been working for three days on getting his bedroom straightened up. Not all day mind you but too long. I finally finished today. Dave has an awesome collection of M & M memorabilia and we used it to decorate Brent's room. Here is a view from his door looking at his closet. I need to get a shade for the table lamp.
Here is a view of his bed without the comforter. Miss Bailey found a Sharpie marker and went to town on his comforter so I am working to get that mess taken care of. The yellow M & M on the wall is made from plastic canvas.
Next up is his built in bookcase and desk which house most of the M & M stuff.

This is the door going out into the hallway and the bookcase that we just put in Brent's room. It houses his tv, dvd player, alarm clock and more M & M stuff.
And this is the last picture showing the bookcase, door to the bathroom and closet again.
I love the way his room came out and I hope he likes it too. He won't be back until Monday afternoon so I just have to keep Bailey out of there so it stays nice.

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