Saturday, December 19, 2009

Less than a Week Away

It is hard to believe this is the last weekend before Christmas. Most of my shopping is done but none of the wrapping. Brent comes home Monday so I would like to get the presents wrapped before he gets home. My house needs a good once over. I still have a few boxes that need to be emptied or stored away and that needs to be done too. Today is my last day at the thrift store until after the holidays. Hopefully when I go back the house will be in good shape and my mental state will be as well.

I have been working on a crafty gift which I can't share in case the recipients read my blog. I placed an order online for the main part of the craft and they arrived and are crap! I have to send them back and order more. Very disappointed since I can't get enough locally to finish. The second order is coming from Miami so they may be here in enough time. I don't need a few of the gifts until the Sunday after Christmas so I may spend next Saturday crafting.

I have been pondering the start of a new year and all that brings. A fresh outlook, a new set of resolutions and hopefully a better year than the last.

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