Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Mini Remodel in Progress

We are eventually going to replace the cabinets in the kitchen but for now we are using my favorite redecorating tool - paint - to freshen things up a bit. Here are a couple of before photos. The kitchen cabinets are painted brown, the walls have peel and stick linoleum tiles and a few real tiles hot glued on to them. The one row of installed tile is painted the same brown as the cabinets.
First I took down all the glue on tiles and the peel and stick tiles and look what I found underneath - orange! Lovely! I also started peeling off the paint on the backsplash tile.
And here is another view of the kitchen with a dark red wall. Not my style.
And now, after this weekend is the remodel in progress. Dave has painted the walls the same, buttery yellow that the living and dining room are painted. I got all the paint peeled off the tile and painted it a bright cobalt blue.
And cabinets have been installed on the long wall as well as a fresh coat of paint.
We have also replaced the blinds in the living room and kitchen to clean, crisp white blinds. I think the kitchen look awesome - bigger and more open. Dave took off five of the doors to the cabinets and started painting them white. I can't wait to see how it all looks when in it done. I will be sure and post pictures when it is complete.

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