Friday, November 20, 2009

Holidays in Hand

I am taking the Holidays in Hand class at Jessica Sprague. One of the things we are to do is make a list of things we want to do or make during the holiday season. Now, usually I have a huge long list of things to do and make in my head and very little gets done. I get caught up in the business of the season and don't really plan what I want to get done. So, here is my shortened list of things to do and make during the 2009 holiday season:

Make cookies - Aggression cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip) and Seven Layer Cookie.
Make ornaments as gifts - Photo Ornaments and the ornaments you make out of old Christmas cards.
Make my holiday cards - I do this every year and said I wasn't going to this year but found my box of stuff to make them so we'll see.
Redo my wreath - I am going blue and silver in my decorating this year so I would like to decorate my wreath in those colors.
Make a star book.
Take a drive one night and look at Christmas lights.
Watch a Christmas movie.
Attend Christmas eve services.
Play Christmas music.
Have a fondue night.
Give a toy to charity.
Have my tree up and decorated by December 1st so I can enjoy it.

I want to embrace the holiday season and enjoy planning and doing things with my family. Stopping to smell the roses if you will.

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