Wednesday, November 18, 2009

School, Boxes and Holidays in Hand

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate these days but last night I completed my last homework assignment for Accounting. I only have two more classes, one is a test review and the other is the test. I need to do really well on the test since I bombed the last test. The professor drops one test grade.

I also finished my Interdisciplinary Science on line class final last night. This was an awesome class and I plan to take part 2 in the Spring.

Now I need to finish up my on line homework, quizzes and test for Statistics. I have all the book homework done. We also have a group project to finish but will work in class next week.

I have taken a break from boxes for the past couple of days. I will probably get a load tonight after work. Need to get this done so I don't have to pay another month's storage fee.

I am taking a class over at Jessica Sprague that is called Holidays in Hand. It is really about enjoying the holiday season, stopping and enjoying the activities, events and people around you. I am excited about the class.

Assignments 1 and 2

Write your values and goals:

I would like to slow down and really enjoy the holiday activities and not feel overwhelmed. I want to enjoy the decorations, the get togethers, and each other.

Commit: We are to spend 20 minutes a day documenting the holiday season, either by writing, photos, or enjoying. I love this. I haven't done any crafting in two months and I need my fix.

Organize: Being the list maker that I am, getting organized is not the problem, staying organized and on task is.

I have printed my prompt pages and am working on my Holiday Things to Do List.

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♥georgie♥ said...

hope you ACE that test!!!
I need to remind myself to slow down and enjoy the season as well