Friday, November 13, 2009

Making Headway

I feel like I am making headway in the saga of the boxes. I am planning to spend the weekend straightening up everything that I have unpacked and getting the house to look neat and tidy. Then Monday or Tuesday I will get back to unpacking.

I am also making headway in my college classes. For Accounting, I have three more classes, one more homework assignment and a test. In Interdisciplinary Science (my online class) I have one more assignment and the final test. And in Statistics I have three classes left. I still have lots of homework - three chapters worth, a group project that we will work on next week in class, and the final exam. All my classes are done December 10th and I don't start my new classes until January 7th so I have a whole month to do something fun. My boxes should be unpacked so I should have some free time! Yeah!

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