Wednesday, September 2, 2009


When I moved into this house five years ago I swore it was the last time I was going to move. WRONG!!!! Life happens, shit happens, and people morph into someone you don't even recognize. And you have to move! Again! Egads!

So, I am starting the long process of packing ALL my stuff. I capitalize all because I have a lot of stuff. Craft stuff, eBay stuff, thrift store shopping stuff, clothes, purses and shoes stuff, kitchen stuff, knick knack stuff, Bailey stuff, Brent stuff. Way too much stuff. But I have started and I will continue and I will be done. Eventually. Maybe in 2011.

Brent and I are going to look at a place tonight. Not my first choice of a place to live but at least I will be able to afford it. And that will make it easier to sleep at night. Peace of mind is a wonderful thing.

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