Tuesday, September 22, 2009


For those of you that don't already know this - my Mom rocks! She and my Dad came down on Sunday, spent a couple of hours with Brent and I and then I took them over to see my new home. My Dad left for home right after that and my Mom is staying with me for a week. To help me pack. How awesome is that? Yesterday we got the utility room and the garage/family room done! I took pictures of a bunch of stuff I want to sell and listed it on Craig's List this morning. And I am feeling like I may actually get to the end of the packing and moving saga. After dinner I worked on my bedroom some more and I think I am done in there except for odds and ends. We are going to start in the office/craft area of my living room and then we just have the living room, dining room and kitchen to do. We took a load over to the storage unit and there is another load in my car that I am going to take over this morning. My Mom is awesome!

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