Monday, September 28, 2009

I am a Homeowner

and I have a lot of work to do! But it is all mine and I am looking forward to getting it looking like my home.

This is part of what will be my living room - the patterned wall and the red wall will both be light yellow.
This is the family room. I will be selling the furniture that was left and the walls will be painted a rich gold color.
Here is the kitchen. The red walls will be yellow and eventually the cabinets will be painted white. Brent and I already started peeling off the plastic tiles off the wall.
Here is the view from the living room thru to the dining room and foyer. All walls will be yellow.
And here is a view of the front of the house with the small patio area that I have a cool table and chair set to go onto.
I will be taking Brent to school in the morning and then heading to the new house. I am so excited about all the work I am going to do to get this place to look like my house! I am starting in the master bathroom and bedroom. I will be sure to share before and after photos.

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