Saturday, July 7, 2012

Another Rainy Saturday

So, with the weather being what is has been for the past few days - rainy - I haven't gotten a chance to take photos of the layouts I have finished recently.  Hopefully tomorrow I will find the time to get the photos taken.

Yesterday I got caught up in a book and read for five hours straight.  No crafting of any kind.

Today I had Miss Bella for a few hours so I played with her.  I am trying to put together some kind of weekly menu planner and worked on that a bit while she was here.  I had a headache from the weather so took a nap after she left and when I got up I sorted my completed pages.  The stack of pages on the bottom of the photo are 2007 pages and each stack is the next year up through 2012.  The stack not in line is older pages than 2007 and pages that have no date on them.  I want to get each years stack in chronological order and get then in albums.  They were taking up a good deal of space in my craft area.

Dave took me to dinner at Watermark Grille which is one of my favorite restaurants.  Afterwards he took me to JoAnne's.  I want to make a t-shirt quilt and needed some fusible web.  I needed a 36" robe zipper in black but they didn't have that.  I got a 1 3/4" circle punch for a mini album I am working on.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to get a few crafty things done.

Have a great rest of the weekend.

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