Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craft Area

My craft space is an area that I have been working on since I moved into my new house. With less than 1000 square feet in the whole house and only two bedrooms I had to be creative in where I would have my craft space. This is a 10' x 10' space in the family room and it works really well for me. I was so excited when I walked into the space this morning and the desk was cleared off and there were no boxes on the floor.
About a month ago we decided to take down the black drapes and bamboo blinds and put up white blinds. It makes the room much brighters.
When we moved here my old desk basically fell apart. I took the top surface and laid it on top of the white cabinets. I had to get a new, higher desk chair but it is working out fine. You can see I still have work to do in the family room part of the room, DVD's and videos in piles, pictures that need to be hung. You can also see Bailey's latest favorite - Diego. She pronounces his name "yoyeah".
Here is my cube wall fill with some of my supplies. I just got the three drawer organizers and put them under my scraprack. Getting the scraprack filled and organized is my next craft organizing project to do. I still have about five or six tomato boxes fill with scrapbook supplies that aren't in my cube wall.
The space to the right of the colorful drawers is our front door. Before you could hardly get into the house. Since I started using this door I had to clear out a path into the house. We also took out the carpet in this room and will be installing a laminate wood floor.

I hope you enjoyed my before and after photos of my craft area. I am so excited about how neat and tidy the room is I may even scrapbook!

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