Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

So, last week I was lamenting about the lack of common sense of the photo developers at my local Walgreen's. Well, it didn't get any better - everyone had some excuse as to why my border wasn't centered on my photos but no one would take the blame. I did some searching and found an online source to print my photos and they arrived in my mailbox two days after I ordered them and voila the bordered is centered just like it is supposed to be.

I am doing the Project Life album from Becky Higgins. Last year I did my Project 365 digitally and wanted to do something different this year. I love this album. It's a big, three ring album with this great cover.
Here is my title page
Week of January 1st-7th, 2010. I, of course, am in the 10% of people who take vertical photos and a lot of them. So, my week one has one horizontal photo and six vertical photos. I still love the way this album goes together - so quick and easy!
Here is January 8th-14th, 2010. A few less vertical photos this week.
I have all my photos printed through February 10th. I am doing the journaling on Photoshop and that takes a bit of time.

I also accomplished this during the week this past week. It didn't stay that way too long but I hope to get it cleaned off again today.

So, my to-do's this week are:
  1. Print the journaling for my Project Life album (at least two-three weeks worth).
  2. Work 15 minutes each day organizing my scrapbook supplies into my Scrap Rack.
  3. Get prepared to start the Got Sketch 105 class that starts February 22nd. I am only signing up for the class if I am prepared. I don't want to waste my money otherwise.
I haven't completed any sports related layouts in awhile so I don't have anything for the challenge this week.

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Libby said...

How neat and original! I love it :)

Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing your pages! I think I finally *get* the idea of these layouts. I take vertical pictures too - I thought everyone did? Though most of mine are horizontal.

Your craft area looks great! The lighting must make such a difference. I don't think I've seen just how much loot you have in your craft room, love all of the bins & boxes.

Melinda said...

That is such a cute album. I love the idea. I take a lot of vertical picture too. "Rotate" is my most commonly used function on my editing software!

Christine said...

The album is ADORABLE! I love how the layout comes together. Glad you got your pictures to come out the right way finally! Good luck with your TO-DOs this week!

Anonymous said...

Very nice Christine, beautiful album, and a great concept.

Melanie said...

I love the idea behind Becky's Project Life album. I know in a million years I could never scrap all of my photos.

Love the album so far and can't wait to see more.

I also take more landscape photos than portrait style. lol

Hope you have a good week ahead Christine.