Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

I have quite a bit to share this week for Sunday Scrappin'. School starts back on Thursday so I may not be so prolific again for awhile. First, although it's not scrapbooking, it's crafty, I put together a large rug for Brent's room. Here and here are two posts showing my Holidays in Hand layouts. And a slide show of the rest of the safety pin bracelets that I finished.

For my to-do's this week
1. I want to finish up the four last pages of my Holiday in Hand album.
2. I also want to do some cleaning up and organizing of my desk/office area. It is the only area in the house that I still have a few boxes left to empty.
3. I finished all the pieces for another house in my Christmas village and need to glue it together.
4. Need to gather up supplies to make a goody bag for Sunday Scrappin'.
5. I am doing Project 365 again this year. I want to stay current with it and work on posting my pics for last year. After the move I wasn't posting but was still taking the pictures.

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Melinda said...

I love your Holidays in Hand layouts. They're really nice and that's such a neat idea!

Forgetfulone said...

Good luck with all of your goals, espcially keeping up with 365. You can do it!