Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Enjoy Being At Home

I have been able to spend the past three days with my darling granddaughter Bailey. This wasn't planned it just worked out this way. And I may have her again tonight. She is such a doll. She loves to crawl up in my lap and put her head on my shoulder and just sit, not for too long but it is precious just the same. She also keeps me busy with getting into EVERYTHING!!!!! But I am enjoying my time with her.

I have started Jessica Sprague's Digi in Deep class. What an awesome class. I always learn so much from her classes. I signed up to do another of her classes but I don't remember the name. I will share my first layout from the Digi in Deep class later this week. She also has a mini album for quotes that I am excited about. I have pages and pages of quotes and it will be nice to have them in one place.

I have been working on my eBay stuff this week. Last week I had a glitch and only 11 of my 60+ items listed Sunday night. I guess you can't use money orders for eBay anymore and any of my listings that mentioned money orders were not listed. So, I will have many, many items going on this weekend.

I am having everyone over for Easter on Sunday. It is the first time since Christmas that everyone has been at the house. I am going to decorate the table tomorrow and have that done. I also want to do a little gift item but am having trouble finding the quart size canning jars I need. Wally World didn't have them and the one Publix Dave tried only had pints. He is going to check tonight at another Publix.

Well, I am off to feed Bailey Boo.

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