Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let me tell you a story.

Now I wish this story wasn't true but it is my life. You know how you get that feeling something is not quite right? Well, I was getting that feeling big time...but I digress, I will start at the beginning. At least the beginning of this past week. A week ago Saturday Brent wanted to go to his Dad's house. I was taking a nap and told him I would take him when I woke up. While I was napping his Dad called him and told him he had to leave at 12:45 since he was to be at Home Depot at 1 p.m. Brent's dad is on monitored house arrest and has to follow his schedule to the letter. Anywhoo, when I get up, Brent is gone! He has gone with his Dad without my permission. So, this started the week of eventful happenings.

Fast Forward to Tuesday. Nicole has started a new job and they are having a friends and family day so Brandon and I are meeting her there. She calls me from her Dad's house and tells me Brent is by himself and should she bring him with her? I ask her why Brent is by himself and Nicole tells me her Dad had gone to Ocala to see his Mom who is in the hospital. First weird feeling - why is Brent home alone and his Dad in Ocala? (There is a live in girlfriend that is there in the evenings). And how did Dad get permission to leave the county when he is on monitored house arrest?Just a weird feeling going on all around here.

Another fast forward to Friday. Brent calls me to get a recipe for Special Potatoes. He calls me throughout the process of boiling the potatoes, grating the potatoes, mixing the ingredients and baking the potatoes. I ask him what is his Dad going to say about him making the potatoes. Now I know his Dad is not there but I get the "Dad's not going to mind" statement. Again, the weird feeling.

Saturday I decide to do some digging and make a few phone calls. Find out my ex is back in jail. For violation of probation. And he got arrested Monday afternoon! And nobody had the common decency or courtesy to call me and tell me and have me pick up my son. He was with his Dad's girlfriend all week, home alone during the day while I am home and we could have spent the week together. So, I call the girlfriend and let her know that I will be coming over to get my son since his dad is in jail.

Now, after I get Brent home I find out that his f***ing idiot dad took Brent with him to probation and my 13 year old son got to watch his dad being arrested, put in handcuffs and loaded into the back of a police car. Why would anyone want to subject their child to something like that? And his dad had a pretty good idea he was getting arrested and still took Brent with him. Then he had to call a friend to bring Brent back to his Dad's house and no one thought it important to call me. OMG! I am banging my head up against a brick wall!!!!!

Anyway now I am dealing with the fallout once again from Brent's dad's poor decision making. Fortunately he has an appointment with his counselor tomorrow morning.

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Storm said...

I'm sorry you having to deal with this. Prayers being said.