Saturday, October 27, 2007

Two More Finished Bracelets

Here are two bracelets I finished up this week. I am in a swap and need to make three bracelets but I don't know which ones I will send. The red bracelet is made with size 11 triangle and size 8 seed beads. It is called Slither Chain and is published in Beadwork Created Bracelets by Jean Campbell. It was a fairly quick bracelet to make.
The blue bracelet is one of my favorite patterns. I just love twisted bugle beads. It is called Pillas of Stength designed by Jill Wiseman and published in Bead & Button August 2007.
I am working on two different necklaces right now. I have another swap to work on - a necklace swap so will have to decide which necklace to send into that one.

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Tapestry Beads said...

I'm so glad you love the pattern - I do too! And it really makes me happy to see the colors people are making it in. I'm glad I found your photo! Enjoy - Jill Wiseman