Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Scrappin'

I got a lot of layouts done this week. I am working on both older photos and current 2011 photos. First up is Brent's birthday party.
Brent with his iPad.
The next four are my version of Project Life this year. I take a lot of photos but I didn't want to feel I needed to take a photo a day. So, I am using these templates and making a two page spread with the random photos I take each month. Then there will be filler pages between the monthly layouts.

Another birthday page.

Family dinner.
Silly Bailey.
Date Night with Brent.
Bringing stuff home from my Mom and Dad's.
Dad's 70th Birthday.

Photos from 2001.
Sunset photos.
Freezer cooking documentation.
I have also been working on organizing both digital and paper supplies.

My to-do's are to continue scrapbooking, finish putting my embellishments away and continue moving my digital supplies to the new external hard drive.

Have a great week!

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Amy said...

Love your layouts- especially the iPod one.

I FINALLY had something crafty to post! I can't thank you enough for taking over Sunday Scrappin' and keeping it going!

Amy said...

p.s. I tried to use the new SS button code and it pulled up an image of a woman with "blogging with Amy" on it. I think the button code has the wrong source.