Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Scrappin'

It's Sunday and time for Sunday Scrappin'. Share your ta-da's, your to-do's and your challenge layout if you choose to participate.

I told you last week about the class I was taking from Big Picture Classes from Katie the Scrapbook Lady - Power Scrapping Digi Style. If you need a kick in the rear to get motivate - this is it.

I was fortunate enough to finish 11 layouts, yes, you read that right, 11 layouts during the class. I had photos from when I visited Wendy and she and Wayne took me to the Renaissance Fair.

I started another batch of Power Scrapping and have completed three layouts this week with four more started. These layouts are made with photos from two years ago. It brings back such precious memories of Bailey when she was smaller.

This last two page spread is from the Renaissance Fair - Blogger got them mixed up.
I am really happy with how quickly I am getting layouts done using Katie's formula. For my to-do's next week I want to continue using her formula, work some more on One Little Word from Ali Edwards (and post pictures of my completed months) and I have been thinking about working some more on my organization of my paper supplies. The sorted bags of supplies have been sitting in my family room and I really need to put them in my Scrap Rack.

Have a great week. Happy crafting!

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