Monday, June 20, 2011

Sunday Scrappin' on a Monday

Happy belated Father's Day! I spent Father's Day with my two favorite little girls - Bailey and Bella. And I realized that 48 is way too old to be raising young kids. And it's even worse when you have been kept up by 'can music until 4 a.m. My neighbors can party.

I want to share the layouts I have completed this week. Come over to Sunday Scrappin' and see the other layouts.

I got 15 single page layouts done this week.

My to-do list includes 1.) continue scrapping 2.) continue organizing and moving my digital supplies to my new external hard drive 3.) work on organizing my paper supplies so that I am ready for the Motherload class I am taking at the end of the month.

Hope everyone has a wonderful week and happy scrappin'!

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