Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

Happy Sunday! I was out of town last week and didn't participate in Sunday Scrappin'. My life has been a bit of a downer lately and I haven't really had too much ambition to do much other than work, read and sleep.

Due to a tremendously stressful situation I haven't seen Bailey or Nicole in over two weeks. It is killing me to not see Bailey but not having the day to day stress of Nicole's daily drama is much better for my health. Then to top it all off Brandon decided to move out without telling me until it was done. He moved while I was at the store and took many things that he shouldn't have and left us with his two fish tanks to take care of. And my 93 year old grandmother fell and broke her ankle in two places. Too many things to occupy my mind.

On a happier note, I just completed the Photo Editing class at This has been an awesome class and you can see the other photos I edited in earlier posts. Here is the last photo in the class. She is offering two new classes that start in August that I am going to take.
Other than the photo editing class I really haven't done much scrapbooking. I am working on a couple of on-line classes but don't have anything finished with them.

My to-do's this week:
  1. Catch up My 365 blog with both photos and layouts.
  2. Get the printed materials from my on-line classes organized and work on something!
  3. Make new pages for my wellness journey.

I guess doing the photo editing class counted for Amy's challenge last week of trying something new. This week's challenge is to do a vacation scrapbook page. Join us for Sunday Scrappin'!

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forgetfulone said...

Great photos! I hope you get all of your goals met this week.

Christine said...

I'm sorry you're going through so much and I hope you're able to see little Bailey soon. Hopefully things will calm down so it's not bad for your health either way. LOVE the photos they are just beautiful! Good luck with your goals this week and I hope things improve :)