Monday, August 13, 2007

Bailey's Great-Granny

Bailey is one lucky girl. She has five generations on both sides of my family. I have a grandmother still living at 92 and Nicole's dad's grandmother is also 92. I don't know if Bailey will get to see all her greats and great-greats, but it's cool that so many of her relatives are still alive.

This is my Mom holding Bailey. This is the first great grandchild for my Mom and Dad. As excited as they were about Bailey, you would have thought they were having their own baby. Bailey is named after my Mom. Her maiden name is Bailey. Cool, huh?

Great-Granny spent about 2 1/2 hours holding Miss Bailey on Saturday morning while Nicole slept. You can just see the top of our "baby", our teacup Yorkie, Baby looking at Bailey. Baby doesn't let me alone when Bailey is in my arms. She is a bit jealous but very gentle with the baby.
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