Sunday, August 12, 2012

28 Days of Sketches

So, I have fallen a bit behind on my class I am taking over at Big Picture Classes BUT the way I look at it, some layouts done are better than no layouts done.  This first layout is from sketch 15 and I am not loving this one at all, but it's done.
The sketch on the diagonal is sketch 18.  The sketch with the title is from Valerie Salmon.
Sweetie is sketch 17
Mr. Multitasker is sketch 19.
Sketch number 20 is complete but since it is dark out I can't take a photo of it.

We had a busy weekend - getting ready for the big birthday bash and then the actual bash.  Mom, Dad, Diane, Jordan, Nicole, Brandon, Sam, Brent, Bailey and Bella were here.  We were celebrating three birthdays - Brandon's was June 27th, Bailey's was July 31st, and Mom's was August 4th.  I made Korean Beef and roasted zucchini and carrots.  I made two different desserts -  one was a Banana Coconut Upside Cake and the other was a Cream Puff Cake.  All the recipes were ones I got off Pinterest.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Bailey stayed with Nana and got to play with some of her new toys.

I am off to have a piece of Cream Puff Cake and head to bed.  Back to work tomorrow - yuck!

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