Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Have a Confession and Two Book Reviews

Ok, first the confession. I am hopelessly addicted to books! If I go into a thrift store, I can spend hours looking through their books. I love to go through boxes of books at garage sales and I always check what is on the shelves at Target and Walmart. I cannot even pass the books in the library to go the DVD room without fondling them and usually taking more than one home. So, I made this blog post about my list of books for the Fall Into Reading challenge and even mentioned on the post that I would most likely be adding books to the list since I would get books at the library. Now, I have well over 200 books at home so I really don't need to purchase any more books or check any more out at the library but that is why I am hopelessly addicted! I went to the library today (to get Brandon a book to study for his SAT) and I brought home three Janet Evanovich books! Yikes! I will never get to the books on my Fall into Reading list if I continue this!

But, since posting my list for the challenge I have finished two books (one on my list, one from the library). The first book I finished was The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. This is a woman's book. The main character is Georgia, single mom and knit shop owner. Friends and knitters decend onto the shop for a knitting club. If you have a hobby of any kind you will understand the uniqueness of a club like this. Young and old merge with a common denominator and sometimes find a friend. This was a great first novel and I am looking forward to reading other Kate Jacobs books. I read a lot of books and never have I marked a passage but I did so with two in this book.

At the beginning of Chapter 14 "Surely there comes a day when you're just resigned to it, thought Cat. When the negativity becomes so rote that you don't even notice it. But that moment kept eluding her, and she felt bruised by every cruel comment her husband doled out. By the lack of attention. By the overwhelming sensation of hate that left her imagining endless horrible deaths for him." This passage spoke volumes to me. I could have been Cat in this passage, it hit so close to home during my marriage.

And in the middle of Chapter 20 "People sometimes don't do the right thing. So then you're left deciding how you are going to react to what they offer. Because you can't make them change." Such a powerful message. If we remember that we can't change anyone, we can only change how we react to them make all the difference in relationships.

The second book I read was August Moon by Jess Lourey. This murder mystery has undertones of Stephanie Plum only not as much fun. The main character Mira has been through more and is more jaded but is very real. I enjoyed this book and will probably read the others in the series.

Now I am off to start one of the three Janet Evanovich books that I picked up today!


georgie said...

I LOVE janet E-I have read every single one of her numbers books and betweens the numbers you i like to read...only difference is...the world stops when i read because i wont shower,cook or clean...gosh i LOVE books they make the mind grow stronger

Crafty said...

I'm afraid to count the books I have at home (especially the ones I haven't read yet). It is kinda sick. Oh, and btw, you won some RAK: