Saturday, January 10, 2009

More Cutie Patootie Pictures

Bailey spent the night last night and we had her most of the day today. She is so funny, she walks around and around, stopping to say hi to anyone in the living room. Then she goes into the kitchen and back around again. I would be tired after walking as far as she walks.
Here she is stopping to pick up a toy during one of her walks - notice her purse.

And here we have a picture of her curls. Her Mommy had the same curly, wispy bit of hair that Bailey has. Nicole has gorgeous long curly dark brown hair today so I am sure Bailey will have plenty of hair some day.

And here she is stopping to chat with Grandma. Again, notice her purse on her arm. She carries it all around the house with her. Funny girl, we love you!

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Shannon H. said...

A cute purse for a very cute baby!