Sunday, October 7, 2012

September 2012 Roundup

  1. What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Last to Die – Tess Gerritsen
Understanding Comics – Scott McCloud
The Happy Introvert – Elizabeth Wagele
MWF seeking BFF: my yearlong search for a new best friend – Rachel Bertsche
10-10-10 – 10 minutes, 10 months, 10 years – a life transforming idea – Suzy Welch
The Gatecrasher – Madeline Wickham

  1. What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
Iron Jawed Angels

  1. What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
We have been busy with school (Brent, Bailey and I), Daisy Girl Scouts (Bailey and I), work (Dave, Brent and I) and keeping the house (me).
  1. What gifts did I give and/or receive?
September 28th is my birthday and this year it was a BIG one (50).  I got taken out to dinner twice.  I received flowers twice and got some charms to put on my Pandora bracelet.  I really enjoyed both dinners and spending time with my family.

  1. What special or unusual purchases did I make?
I purchased a Silhouette Cameo but have not found the time to use it.
  1. What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Nothing of any great concern.
  1. What were my accomplishments this month?
Trying to keep up with everything is all I could accomplish this month.
8.     What were my disappointments this month?
I have gotten used to my new responsibilities at work and things are much calmer  now.
  1. How did I do on my goals for the month? (Or any current short or long term goals)
I only completed two layouts (both digital) this month.
  1. Anything else noteworthy to include?
Nothing too exciting this month.

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