Saturday, March 31, 2012

Project Life Week 3 2012

I am loving Project Life and doing it at my own pace.  I am a number of weeks behind but I have been taking photos and collecting memorabilia and will get to it when I can.

I am working on...okay, wait for it...organizing my scrap room and supplies once again.  I was watching Stacy Julian's videos on sorting your supplies by color and it totally clicked with me.  So, I purchased some folding fabric bins and some clear plastic jars and I am sorting.  Enjoying the process as well since I am retaking my guest room as a craft room.

I signed up to be a Close to My Heart consultant (again) and am super excited about all this company has to offer.  Right now I am just doing it as a hobby but I have been successful in the past with classes so I might do the business end at one point.

And can I tell you how great I have been feeling both physically and emotionally since getting my hands dirty with ink and breathing in the awesome smell of a new package of paper?  Weird, I know, but I kinda live by the words "Whatever makes you happy" and scrapbooking makes me really happy.

Have a great Saturday afternoon.  Check back tomorrow for my March Round-up.

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