Friday, September 3, 2010


I am amazed that is has been almost three weeks since I posted anything here. My life the past couple of months has been challenging to say the least. But things are starting to look up and there are more than a couple of things to share:

  • Probably most exciting is I am dating a great guy. I am not going to get into too much more than that but it been a little over two months and things are grand.
  • My son and his girlfriend are going to make me a grandma again. I am over the moon excited about having another grandbaby to love on.
  • I found a job this week. It's for a small hurricane protection company and so far, it's a great job. Part time for now, could work into full time and it's about 3 minutes from home. Love my commute. Pay is decent and the people are great.
  • Someone is coming out tomorrow to look at the a/c and with an unexpected blessing we should have the a/c fixed soon.
  • My daughter keeps surprising me in the way she is maturing and becoming a most amazing young woman.
  • Brent started high school and loves it.
  • This week was catch up week as I had breakfast with my friend Susan, lunch with Nicole and Bailey Boo and dinner with Kristy. Catching up with friends and family is always a great stress reliever.
God is good and his blessings are flowing down on me and my family. I am going to keep a smile on my face and a prayer in my heart and hope that everything continues to go smoothly.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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