Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday Scrappin' (on a Monday)

I have been on an organizing kick recently. Not all out spending my entire day organizing but thinking about where I can put things and how I need to purge 15 years of scrapbook supplies. I was pointed to this website and was astonished to realize how much paper I had and how I could NEVER use all the paper I had. I can't measure my paper by inches but more by yards. Yikes, I have a lot of paper. So, my ta-da this week is I did a bit of paper purging. I went through my paper that was separated by colors - okay a few of the colors - pink, purple, blue, green and brown. And I have nearly 10 inches of paper to get rid of.

My to-do's for next week: (copied and pasted from last week with one addition)
  1. Continue doing something, anything in my never ending quest for organization of my scrap supplies.
  2. I have all the pictures taken and downloaded to my computer, I now need to post them on my other blog and journal My Project Life 365.
  3. I still have not done a thing other than download the materials from the on line class with Shimelle Lane. It is both photography and scrapbooking so I want to get started with that this week. This one has been on my to-do list for three weeks now. Ugh!
  4. I have two weeks worth of Photoshop Friday classes from Jessica Sprague that I haven't completed. Would like to complete them this week as well.
Since I didn't do any scrapbooking this week I didn't participate in the challenge this week.

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Melinda said...

Sounds like you need to have a scrapbook yard sale!

Melanie said...

Good luck with the purging. I gave a heap of my old supplies away when I moved and felt so much better for it.

Hope you have a good week ahead.